Call created procedures into a program.

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mauriciosalsa asked 2 years ago


I did a code and I´m using the same proc created by me in 3 different programs, Is there any way to call procedures from other scripts?


Thank you.

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aptech Staff answered 2 years ago

The best way to make your GAUSS procedures available in other files is to add them to a GAUSS libary. The Library Tool in GAUSS 13 and later makes this an easy process.

  1. Create a new library by clicking the "plus" (+) icon next to "Create Library" at the top of the Library Tool.
  2. Add files to the library you created, by clicking the wrench icon next to the library name and selecting "Add Files".

Note that you should NOT add files to gauss.lcg, pgraph.lcg or the library files from any of the GAUSS Application Modules, such as MaxlikMT, Optmum, etc.

The procedures inside your libraries will be available from the time you load the library until you close GAUSS. You can load a library from the wrench icon next to the name of the library in the GAUSS Library Tool, or by entering:

load <library_name>

from the GAUSS command prompt or in a GAUSS program file.

The one exception is the "user" library. If you create a library named "user", it will ALWAYS be loaded.