GAUSS in the Classroom

GAUSS in the Classroom

The ideal environment for learning – and leading the way.

GAUSS provides students and researchers with the high-end analytical tools needed to solve the complex problems they’ll face in both academic and professional careers. Unlike other software, the flexible GAUSS mathematical matrix programming language stimulates learning through the act of innovation by removing obstacles between ideas and results.

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GAUSS delivers several distinct advantages in the educational environment:


Like any kind of hands-on learning, the highly interactive nature of GAUSS fosters real understanding and retention for maximum success in solving real world problems.


Another key advantage of GAUSS is the flexibility to customize models to solve a broader range of problems. This provides the opportunity for students to extend theoretical knowledge to real-world problem solving, empowering students to work in a wide variety of positions and offer more value to future employers.

Demonstration and Support

Aptech, the company behind GAUSS, is dedicated to providing superb support and learning tools to facilitate your growth from novice to master. Check out our resources page for the latest manuals, tutorials, training events and more.

Academic Discounts /  Licenses

Aptech offers an array of license types to meet the unique needs of its academic customers at a price that works for any budget.  Significant academic discounts are available to students and employees approved educational institutions.

  • Single User (Permanent): The GAUSS software is installed on the local hard drive of one computer. It cannot be accessed over a computer network. The Registered User may also install the GAUSS software on one personal home computer (which may be a lap top computer), so long as both copies of the GAUSS software are not in use at the same time. Installation of the GAUSS software on a third computer (e.g., lap top computer) is only permitted if Premier Support is current and no more than one copy of the GAUSS Software is in use at the same time.
  • Network (Permanent): The GAUSS software installed and accessed on computers that are connected to each other over a computer network for use up to a specified number of simultaneous users. If Premier Support has been purchased and is current, the GAUSS software may be installed and used on one home computer (which may be a lap top computer). Additional home or lap top licenses are available for a separate annual fee if Premier Support is current.
  • Site License (Annual). A Site License allows the Software to be installed on a specified number of stand-alone and/or networked computers at one campus location and does not include campus extensions. Additional home and laptop licenses are available for an additional fee. NEW! Unlimited Campus Site License
  • Instructional Lab/Classroom (Annual).  A Lab/Classroom License is for a specified number of stand alone and/or networked computers in one room for teaching and classroom purposes only; no paid or funded research or other non-teaching purposes are allowed.