GAUSS in the Classroom

GAUSS in the Classroom

Aptech's new GAUSS in the Classroom program provides the full version of GAUSS to students for educational and teaching purposes in the classroom. GAUSS equips students with a complete set of high-end analytical tools needed to solve everything from simple calculations to complex data analysis problems. Consistency in the software used by your students, lets you focus on teaching and students on learning the course material.


  • Availability: For Students enrolled in any class that primarily uses GAUSS
  • Software Provided: Free one-year license of the full version of GAUSS, GAUSSX and/or any in-house GAUSS Applications needed for the class.
  • Installation: For use and installation ONLY on student's personal computer (Installation on University-owned or staff's computers is prohibited)
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Requirements: Professor owns or has access to the current version GAUSS and any of the GAUSS Applications requested for the students. Request Quote to Update to GAUSS 16.
  • How to Apply: Complete the form below and include your class list to get started.

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