Unlimited Campus Site License

Unlimited Campus Site License

The Annual Campus Unlimited Site License provides students, professors and researchers with the HIGH-END analytical tools needed to solve the complex problems they will face in both their academic and professional careers. Unlike other software, GAUSS gives you both the FLEXIBILITY to tackle virtually any computational task and the POWER to quickly transform ideas into results.

Comprehensive and Complete—Includes:

  • One FAST and robust package for everything from simple computational tasks to the most complex data and numerical analysis problems
  • GAUSS Mathematical & Statistical System and a complete suite of in-house GAUSS Applications that provide pre-programmed and modifiable procedures to help students and professors quickly tackle all computation needs, including those in some of these diverse industries:


  • Complete online documentation
  • All Platforms included: Windows, LINUX and MAC
  • Technical support provided by Aptech Systems
  • User-forum available at Aptech.com to ask questions and exchange tips

No Hassle and Easy to Implement

  • One low annual fee guaranteed not to change for 3 years
  • Unlimited access
  • No individual licenses to track—home, laptop and floating network use included at NO additional fee
  • New versions automatically provided on your download account as they become available
  • Unlimited Department-Wide Licenses are also available

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